Box Gutter Replacement

When or if not installed correctly box gutters are notorious for leaking as it is to handle large quantities of rainwater.

Failure to install weatherproofing box gutter correctly will result rainwater to exploit property manifesting as a roof leak. Architectural Leadwork, at first site inspection in NSW finds most common reason for roof leak is due to poor installation of lead weatherproofing box gutter.

Every project Architectural Leadwork undertakes is different from other. Therefore, every project requirements differs. Architectural Leadwork uses lead approved by the British Board of Agrément (BAA) and comes with a 60-year guarantee. Our rolled (or milled) lead sheet confirms to BS EN 12588 and has a 50-year guarantee.

Lead is available in various thickness from code 3 being the thinnest and code 9 being the thickest. Furthermore, it is always wise to let an expert roofer provide a professional opinion who has in-depth knowledge about lead considering lead is an expensive roofing materials.

If the lead is too thin and there is not enough material to allow lead to expand and contract during seasonal periods will cause lead to split. Once lead is cracked rainwater will eventually lead to roof leaks.

Architectural Leadwork offers in-depth roof consultation service and site inspection.

To have a roof inspected for major or minor issues and require works to be undertaken, please do not hesitate to contact Architectural Leadwork on 02 9550 0498.

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