Metal Roofing: The Ancient Option That is Still High Tech

Metal is one of the oldest and most versatile of roofing materials, and it’s been used around the globe for thousands of years. Cathedrals, castles and temples have been clad in copper, slate and lead by ancient civilisations, and more recently, by renowned contemporary architects including Renzo Piano. Despite metal roofing being used for centuries, it can still be said to be a high tech option, offering top performance, durability and even eco-credentials. Here’s how.

The advantages of metal

Metal roofing is an ideal choice for both private dwellings and major commercial projects. It provides an effective solution as it’s generally resistant to fire, insects and mildew, and can reduce heat emissions and provide outstanding durability.

Each material has its unique advantages. Copper is a natural and safe material that is also very sturdy. Slate is waterproof, fireproof, heat and acid resistant, while lead is both incredibly malleable and resilient.

A striking solution

In addition to strength, safety and longevity, many architects, builders and homeowners choose metal roofing in Sydney for aesthetic reasons. Slate and lead provide a dramatic and striking addition to both traditional and contemporary buildings, while copper ages beautifully, developing a stunning, natural patina over the years.

Safe for you and the environment

Metal is an incredibly strong roofing material that may withstand extremes in weather conditions. It’s also highly sustainable, making it a great choice when it comes to the environment. Copper, slate and lead roofs may last over 100 years, eliminating the waste associated with cheaper and synthetic materials.  Metal roofing is renowned for its high recyclability, with copper and steel in particular tending to be recycled rather than disposed of. And the thermal efficiency of Colorbond® has improved immensely with each decade. Traditional metals may also do a great job at reducing heat emissions, particularly if painted lighter colours.

Metal for all areas

The versatility of metal means it can be used to great effectiveness in other areas of construction, such as in downpipes and gutters, window trims and boxes and flashings. Metal tends to provide an all-purpose solution that suits a variety of architectural styles and building types, from modest cottages to major landmarks such as the QVB and University of Sydney (both of which we worked on).


Metal for your building project

If you’re in need of metal roof repairs in Sydney or Australia-wide, or are commencing a new build, then we have the expertise and solid experience to help you choose the right solution for safety, strength, durability and overall performance.

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