Heritage cast iron installation – Sussex St, Sydney

Architectural Roofing Services, continues to grow in carrying out heritage roof restorations and plumbing across Australia. Recently, Architectural Roofing Services worked on a prestigious heritage building in Sussex Street, Sydney NSW installing cast-iron downpipes.
Architectural Roofing Services, a supplier and installer of quality cast iron materials. Additionally, many of our onsite materials are fabricated in our warehouse by experienced roofers and plumbers to achieve quality end results to ensure we adhere to our strict principles of quality management.

The scope of works involved;
1. Mark and core drill holes through floor levels for new stormwater pipes.
2. Cut concrete in the car park and excavate for new stormwater lines.
3. Install Acoustic Gerbert downpipes.
4. Install new stormwater services at a high level through a car park.
5. Refill trenches and reinstate with a new concrete finish.
6. Connect stormwater to the street level and connect to box gutters.
7. Connect all-new sump box gutters to new stormwater lines.
8. Test lines and check all the pipework functionality.

On completion of a commercial heritage restoration project and final site inspection Architectural Roofing Services was provided final completion approval for achieving quality project result and service excellence.

With every heritage roof repair and restoration project on hand, we aim to deliver a project on time.
Architectural Roofing Services continues to grow through its quality work, service reliability, and integrity considering safety is paramount for all involved and above all.

If you are considering to undertake roof repairs to your residential, commercial and heritage property, give us a call on 02 9550 0498. Architectural Roofing Services, a leading roofing company we undertake all specialist roof repair, restoration, and new roof installation work. We provide quality roofing services across Sydney NSW, VIC, and South Australia.