Heritage Cast Iron Installation Sydney

Heritage Cast Iron Installation Sydney

Architectural Roofing Services, a successful tenderer completed a heritage cast iron installation Sydney  project on the grand concourse roof of Central Train Station, repairing and installing cast-iron gutters and downpipes.

The Central Train Station’s cast-iron downpipes, which were built in 1905, required extensive repairs and were painted prior to installation. A well-maintained cast-iron downpipe will survive for more than 80 years.


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The historic Central Train Station, which opened on August 4, 1906 and is located in the heart of Sydney, continues to serve as the gateway to the Sydney and regional train networks.

Scope Of Work

  • Remove each segment of cast iron gutter from the main grand concourse roof with care. Each cast iron section was supported by two steel exterior brackets, and each OG gutter was 1.7m long.


  • A temporary gutter system was installed to prevent storm water from entering the central station. The gutter was installed and custom folded to fit onto existing gutter brackets with connections to cast iron down pipes.


  • Sand blasting was used to remove all paint and dirt, revealing the condition of the 1905 cast iron gutters. Because of its extended lifespan of 116 years on Sydney’s central station, each gutter segment required some welding and patching.


  • Upon inspection, we discovered that certain gutter brackets were corroded and needed to be replaced; we hired a steel fabricator to duplicate the original steel brackets with new threaded bolts to match.


  • Cast iron gutters should be painted using a three-coat Dulux epoxy paint technique to ensure that they last for decades. On-site from scaffolding, the cast iron downpipe connectors and existing gutter brackets were treated and coated with the same Dulux three coat epoxy paints.


  • When all of the gutters had been painted, we returned them to Central Station and reinstalled them in their original locations. Each gutter was numbered and logged so that we knew location to meet downpipe connectors. Linseed putty was used to join each gutter, which was then fixed with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts.


  • Architectural Roofing Services removed temporary gutter and kept the building dry while we placed repaired cast iron gutter back into the main grand concourse roof.


  • With specific coatings over cast iron gutter joints, a bitumen paint sealer was applied to the inside of cast iron gutters.


  • On completion, the cast iron gutter will protect the grand concourse station roof for another 40 years.

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