Heritage Copper Roofing Restoration

The copper roof repair

Architectural Roofing Services, specializes in copper roofing roof repair, heritage roofing restoration, and new roof installation.
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Commercial roofing projects
Architectural Roofing Services, as a head contractor, undertook heritage roof repairs, copper roofing repair works at SJUC Wahroonga, NSW.

We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing works undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services have truly stood the test of the time.

The service area of work: Copper roofing, copper roof repair, copper roof restoration, heritage roofing, lead roofing flashings, and new copper roof installation and specialist copper roof work.

Scope of work

Architectural Roofing Services, undertook major heritage roofing, copper roofing, and tile roof repair works after a scheduled site inspection of the main building of St John’s Uniting Church. Not only did we deliver a quality result, but as a head contractor, we project managed the whole project. We have the expertise, resources, and capability to run major and minor projects be it commercial and residential roofing projects.

The work involved removing existing copper gutter, copper valleys, copper downpipes, and replacing with the new copper throughout and finishing with cast iron downpipe connections to ground level replacement.

  • Redesigned copper valleys and central upstand to distribute stormwater to lower copper gutters.
  • Installed new copper guttering around heritage roofs of the church with soldered joints per traditional workmanship.
  • Installed new copper downpipes and copper rain heads to match original heritage roofing details to connect into a new cast-iron pipe with inspection openings.
  • Installed the standing seam to match heritage roof profile including new copper box gutters traditionally soldered. Lead flashings were installed into brick joints to seal the church roof and maintain the heritage roofing detail.

Architectural Roofing Services, installed premium-grade 25kg/m2, lead flashings to all walls and box gutters with lead welded joints finishing with patination oil, respectively.
We undertook work in stages to preserve the heritage roofing of the church and allow roofing repairs with replacement to be done with minimum disturbance to residents and the public.
On completion, Architectural Roofing Services removed all scaffolding and excess rubbish and left the church in great working order. All roof repairs and replacement work of the heritage copper roofing were completed per traditional workmanship with importance to preserve the beautiful aesthetic of the St Johns Church in Wahroonga, NSW.

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