Heritage Copper Roofing, St Ives, Sydney NSW

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Scope of works

Architectural Roofing Services, a successfully tenderer undertook heritage copper roof repair work to stop water leaks at, St Ives 2075 NSW.

The construction work required removal of  existing copper fabrication from roof door entry, which was leaking and at the same time damaged  heritage timber work. We removed old substrate and replaced with 16mm plywood with membrane cover, removed cracked wall flashing and replaced with new 25kg/m2 lead sheeting.

The door entry roof replaced in 0.6mm copper roof sheeting with standing seam joints custom folded to give watertight joints. Each sheet of copper was made to suit the correct application for door entry roof with folded standing seams.

Additionally, Architectural Roofing Services installed new copper gutter in traditional soldered joints and mitered corners fabricated. The copper gutter was installed with external copper brackets to provide support with correct fall to discharge water to copper downpipes. New brass woven mesh was installed into gutters providing a leaf guard system to stop leaves blocking copper gutters and copper down pipes.

The onsite construction work also included installation of a new 100mm copper downpipes  to enlarge water capacity from roof to storm water system, these works included customising fabrication of copper downpipes to make off-sets, corners and shoes to direct water to storm water system. New copper outlets  installed into existing copper guttering with roof repairs undertaken to fix broken tiles.

Architectural Roofing Services,  replaced lead flashings around chimneys and wall flashings requiring replacement due to previous poor workmanship and design.

We used 25kg/m2 and 20kg/m2 lead flashing across different areas of the roof to replace existing lead flashing around roof areas to stop water entry and make good.  Installing lead flashings in 1.5m sections allows for lead  expansion and contraction in lead welded clips to hold lead in position. The lead flashings in brick walls were sealed with a elastomeric joint finish, and finishing touches included applying patination oil to newly installed leadwork.

Copper roofing is one of the best roof  material and copper roof is a long term investment. Copper roofing when installed correctly by experienced roofer will stand the test of time and provide a great addition to your house.

We work and understand roof components and materials which allows us to undertake a wide range of heritage metal, slate, and copper/zinc, as well as lead roof restoration projects in Sydney NSW.

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