Heritage Metal & Leadwork Roofing

Architectural Roofing Services, a licenced  roofing company with more than 30 years of heritage metal and leadwork roofing delivering quality projects on time and within budget. 

Our quality and service area is unmatched in the heritage and contemporary roofing industry. We are recognized as a reputable, reliable company focused primarily on safety , efficiency and professional workmanship, delivering quality roofing projects across Sydney , NSW.


We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing works undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services is of quality workmanship and  truly stood the test of the time.

Heritage Metal and Leadwork Roofing
Scope of works

Architectural Roofing Services, a specialized heritage roof restoration project was undertaken for a residential property built in 1985 at Penrith NSW 2750.

The works included undertaking roof repair and restoration to existing metal roof and lead flashing works. Architectural Roofing Services uses premium quality lead flashing supplied by Midland Lead Australia.

  • Old and failed lead flashing safely removed from the chimney area and replaced with 25kg/m2 lead sheeting and lead welded and installed back into place, then the existing roof sheeting was re-installed and fixed back into position.


  • Additional, works included removing old split lead  from wall heads and cut out brick joints to install  new lead flashing   The  metal roof repair  includes of replacing corroded roofing screws with new roof sheeting and fixing them back into position.


  • Installing new 20kg/m2 350 mm wide lead flashings  in 1.5 m sections and expertly shaped into roof contours mounted on brickwork. For a job well done, install new lead flashing clips, elastomeric joint sealant  into lead brick joints to the seal wall and polish with patination oil


  • Heritage roofing works included -wall heads in galvanised custom folded metal capping to seal leaking wall heads.  The metal was specially designed and fabricated  to stop the water from entering through the rendered walls and drip water away from roofs.


  • Heritage chimney flashings replaced in 20kg/m2  stepped lead flashing method. Lead flashing  cut and shaped to fit around chimneys  to provide a water-tight seal and preserve the heritage look of the building.Install new metal roof sheet in galvanised iron in sections.


  • On completion of site works, the existing site materials were safely disposed off to a tip area.


Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver quality heritage roofing projects across Sydney New South Wales.

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