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Heritage Metal Roofing  Installation and Repair Sydney

Scope of Works


Architectural Roofing Services, undertook specialized heritage metal roofing project at Moore Park Sydney NSW.
The work involved a thorough inspection of the metal roofing and a complete metal roof replacement was a cost-effective solution due to extensive damage to the metal roof.


  • The metal roof flashing replaced with ColorBond metal sheet on the wall junctions to provide a better cover and sealed with silicone. Furthermore, the metal box was repaired by substituting new metal sump boxes and outlets for the corroded sections.


  • Due to the size of the roof area and new metal guttering installed in a 350mm wide half-round profile, the diameter of the new downpipes extended to 200mm, providing greater capacity for coping during heavy storm conditions. This gave the building a much better ability to distribute water to the metal box gutters and prevent flooding in the building..


  • The box gutters were cleaned and metal primer paint applied to the box gutter.  
    To prevent the entry of water, gutters and the water proofing system are bandaged. With new external roof repair brackets, the corroded gutters were replaced by quad-profile metal guttering to suit the originals.


  • Over the cracked wall heads, supply and install new custom metal folded wall caps to seal water entry and stop further cracking of the wall. A metal vertical wall cladding system has also been installed to seal the wall into the box guttering.


  • Install metal roof flashings   in new half-round guttering under roof sheeting to prevent storm water flooding back into the building. Also, install foam fillers to fit under metal roofing sheets to seal to new metal roof flashings.


  • Removing existing roofing screws with new hex-head color to match metal roofing to the top roof.  The metal roof ridging repaired and re-sealed with silicone and fixed with new roofing screws.


  • On completion of metal roofing site works, existing corroded metal roof sheets, guttering, and fixings were safely disposed off at a designated tip.


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