Heritage Slate Roof Repair & Restoration

Architectural Roofing Services is a trusted and reliable company in the roofing industry. We recently completed a heritage slate roof repair and restoration project at Newcastle Old Court House, which is now occupied by Nihon University, with new copper gutters, copper down pipes, and lead flashings. 


Architectural Roofing Services deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing projects and roof repairs and restoration undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services are professional, high quality and so far have truly stood the test of the time.

Heritage Slate Roof Repair & Restoration

Historic Old Newcastle Court House

The historic Old Newcastle Court House completed in 1892 is historically instrumental building and is a grand example of late 19th century civic architecture which has original slate roofing with lead flat roofs and box gutters to original design within the town and added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.

The building has a lengthy association with the provision of justice in the district. The Old Newcastle courthouse will now host Nihon University language exchange program students from Japan.

Scope Of Work

  • These repairs included restoring broken slates that were damaged or cracked during hail storms and old age, as well as installing new 136mm copper guttering, new downpipes, and lead flashing to the Newcastle Courthouse. Architectural Roofing Services for all it’s lead roofing project uses a premium and quality grade 99.9% pure lead supplied by Midland Lead Australia.


  • All broken slates were replaced with new Welsh slates, which were secured with copper nails and straps to match the existing slates.


  • The slate roofing was replaced by an experienced roof slater removing each damaged slate one at a time and carefully putting new Welsh slates in their place. Any slates that were broken or cracked were replaced around the roof.


  • Due to a change in roof design, some sections required new slate roofs with sarking and batons, which meant that entire sections would have to be replaced. Architectural Roofing Services provided new roof sarking with new timber batons fixed onto roof rafters. Each new Welsh slate was then installed with overlapping to seal roofs from the bottom course up to the original course.


  • New 136 Maxi quad copper guttering was installed onto the fascia with external gutter brackets. Copper gutters with soldered joints on corners and nozzles were installed in accordance with heritage standards. To keep gutters firmly attached to the building, each gutter bracket had an internal copper strap with a brass bolt.


  • With handcrafted offsets and spreaders fixed to walls with heritage astragals, new 100mm copper down pipes were installed from copper gutters. All copper down pipe joints were soldered using traditional methods.


  • Installed 30kg/m2 lead flashings and hip sections to traditional heritage roofing standards, which included hand-shaping lead sheeting over timber hip sections, lead was installed in 1.5m sections to allow for expansion, and copper ring shank nails were used to secure the lead.


  • To provide a watertight seal, new 25kg/m2 lead flashings were installed into brick walls and shaped onto slate roofs. Each section was installed in 1.5m sections with lead clips, and all leadwork was completed with a coat of patination oil.

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