Heritage Slate Roof Restoration Sydney

Architectural Roofing Services, a licenced heritage slate roofing with over 30 years of experience  in residential slate roofs, slate roof repairs, and slate roof restoration in Sydney. 

Our quality and service are unmatched in the heritage slate roofing. Our  aim is to deliver quality projects on time and significantly our employees safety will never be compromised on or off site. 


We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing works undertaken by Architectural Roofing so far have truly stood the test of the time.



Heritage Slate Roofing Restoration Sydney

As head contractor, we undertook a heritage slate roof repair and restoration project in Sydney’s prominent suburb, installing new Welsh Penrhyn capital slates, box gutters and downpipes.

  • Replace existing broken slate with new welsh penrhyn slate 500mm x 300mm and  grading the slates to the required thickness, and install procter breathable roof sarking and fixing slates with copper slate nails.


  •  Install lead valleys and in 1.5m sections fixed with copper ring shank nails afterwards installing slates lapping over lead to provide a quality slate roofing detail.


  • Install  heritage guttering system  in galvanized metal quad profile  with soldered joints and hand-crafted corners and outlets, new downpipes  installed to ground level and over rear veranda roofs with new spreaders. Further, outlets all soldered offsets to match heritage roofing details.


  • The heritage slate roofing installed from gutter level to ridge in lapping welsh slates to extend  life span of the roof. 


  • Supply and install  30kg/m2 lead ridge on top of heritage slate roof, fixed with copper nails with lead clips. Lead flashing  installed around chimneys and roof penetrations to heritage detail with lead welded at corners and junctions of chimney flashings
With All Lead Roofing Sydney project, Architectural Roofing Services uses premium grade 99.9% Lead material for all our roofing projects supplied by Midland Lead Australia


  • Heritage slate roofing roof dormers installed in welsh slate penrhyn slates cut and fixed to hdormer sides with 25kg/m2 lead flashing valleys directing water to gutters.


  • Supply and install 30kg/m2 lead to heritage roofing dormer tops and hip sections of the roof. Lead shaped with hand tools and fabricated to fit each section of heritage slate roof.


  • On completion of new installed leadwork roofing, apply patination  to prevent the white carbonate that forms on newly fitted Lead from staining adjacent materials. 



Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver quality roofing projects across New South Wales. A trusted and reliable heritage slate roofing in Sydney with over 30 years of experience in heritage roofing we assure to do a job well done.

We work and understand roof components and materials which allows us to undertake a wide range of heritage slate roofing repair and restoration projects in Sydney NSW.

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