Repair Heritage Lead Roof Sydney

Repair Heritage Lead Roof Sydney

Architectural Roofing Services, is the trusted name in heritage roofing Sydney. We recently completed a heritage roof restoration project in Glebe, Sydney NSW, where we repaired a heritage lead roof.


At Architectural Roofing Services we deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All heritage lead roofing projects, roof repairs, and restorations undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services are completed with professionalism and to a high standard, and all of our roofing projects to date have truly stood the test of time.

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Architectural Roofing Services was recommended to the builder as a reputable and trusted roofing company to undertake a lead roofing project to install a lead baton roll concave door entry porch at Glebe, Sydney NSW.

  • Supply and instal new lead roofing, heritage roofing, and copper gutters over the concave roof with 30kg/m2 lead sheeting The lead roofing was installed in a timber baton roll design with new Oregon wood curved to fit the concave design, allowing lead joints for lead expansion and adding a heritage traditional detail to this lovely house.


  • Lead sheeting in 30kg/m2 was installed in bay sections that were curved to fit each bay by hand shaping the lead and curving the lead sheet according to heritage principles. Each lead bay has an underlap and an overlap where the lead has been shaped with special tools to provide a watertight seal. We installed Geo-fabric underlay felt beneath all lead sheeting to allow for lead movement while preventing condensation.


  • To prevent lead from creeping forward and to secure lead to the roof structure, all lead roofing is secured with ring shank copper nails at the top of each lead bay into timber boarding. Lead roofing must only be fixed at the head of each lead roof bay.


  • Once all of the lead roofing has been installed in each bay, a top lead 30kg/m2 cover flashing is installed to provide cover to the front lead bays, completing a water tight finish.


  • lead weld end caps to each wood roll top to expert heritage roofing workmanship.   A new 25kg/m2 lead flashing was installed down each side of the building cut into brick work, with the lead shaped to suit the concave curve. The lead flashing was installed into the brick wall with lead wedges and finished with an elastomeric joint sealant.


  • Install a new copper gutter system with traditional soldered copper corners and joints around this door entry porch. To distribute any storm water from the door entry porch roof, the copper gutter had one new 75mm copper down pipe terminating down one side of the building.


  • After finishing the lead roofing and copper gutters, we applied patination oil to all of the new lead sheeting to provide a nice finish.


Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver quality roofing projects across New South Wales. A trusted and reliable leadwork roofing in Sydney with over 30 years of experience in heritage roofing we assure to do a job well done.

Architectural Roofing Services uses 99.9% recyclable lead sheeting for roofing projects tat are refined and recast into new lead sheeting.


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