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Commercial roofing projects

Architectural Roofing Services, a head contractor undertook heritage slate roof repair, new slate roof installation and lead roofing works at a commercial address in Dawes Point 2000, Sydney NSW.

We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing works undertaken by Architectural Roofing so far have truly stood the test of the time.

The service area of work:

Leadwork, slate roofing, chimney flashing, copper roofing repairs and heritage roofing works.

Architectural Roofing Services, undertook  specialist slate roofing, lead roofing, copper roofing and roof repair project after attending to a scheduled site inspection of the commercial property at Dawes Point, Sydney NSW 2000.

Not only did we deliver a quality result, but as a head contractor, we project managed the whole project.

We have expertise,resources and capability to run major and minor commercial and residential roofing across NSW.

Scope of works 

The work involved removing existing failed old slates and replacing with good quality second hand Welsh Penryhn slates affixed with copper nails.

Issues of the slate roofing 

Much of the roof was needing slate roof repairs as slates were cracked and slipping out.

The slate roofing works was undertaken to preserve the heritage fabric of the listed building and restore the roofing structure for more years to come.

Slate roof provides durability, heritage style, and long lifespan alongside lead roofing. Hence, slate roofing is a skilled work and require years of expertise to correctly install slates  to professionally  undertake roof repairs and grade the slates.

Further, the work included installing lead flashings in 25kg/m2 and lead hipped flashings in 30kg/m2 over slate roofing to match heritage details.

Leadwork roofing is a durable, corrosion resistant, and long lasting roofing component to ability to withstand varying temperatures of Australia. The leadwork must be correctly installed by skilled tradesman. Leadwork roofing involved shaping and installing of the lead by a  skilled tradesman to shape lead flashing to suit hipped details. Lead flashing  installed into walls to cover over roofs and box gutters.

On completion of the heritage slate roofing and  lead roofing works, we apply patination oil  to protect and give lead sheeting a professional finish. We also installed a new lead chimney flashing  to seal heritage chimneys.

Additionally,  copper roofing works was undertaken to repair and re-soldered on cracked joints to preserve the fabric of the copper roofs. Copper roofing capping were fixed with brass screws and lead washers to seal. On completion of heritage slate roofing works and removing all old broken slates and rubbish from site.

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