Slate Roofing Sydney

To date, all slate roofing Sydney works undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services have truly been the test of time.

Architectural Roofing Services, a trusted name  with over 30 years of experience in roof repairs, heritage roofing and contemporary roofing.

We deliver a quality project on time and on budget. 

Our quality workmanship and service area is unmatched in the contemporary  and heritage roofing . We are known as a trusted, reliable company with main focus on safety, quality and skilled workmanship delivering quality slate roofing projects in Sydney NSW.

Architectural Roofing Services, undertakes specialist slate roofing projects – slate roof repair, slate roof restoration and new slate roof installation to heritage commercial and residential properties in Sydney. 

Slate Roofing Sydney

A slate roof is a true representation of elegance and simplicity and adds value to your home. A new slate roof life span of 80-100 years is typical, although this can last longer if well maintained and installed by experienced slate roofers.

Architectural Roofing Services undertook works at Sydney NSW to restore heritage slate roofing.
The work involved repairing and restoring heritage slate roofing, leadwork and installing new gutters with new downpipes and repairing rear metal roofing as well.
We replaced the existing  slate roof with the new premium grade new welsh slate. As part of our roofing project, we ensure that we use premium grade slates of the highest quality, such as Welsh Penrhyn and Canadian Glendyne.
Scope of works 

The work involved the removal of old broken slates and the stripping of roofing batons from the house’s original rafters. Once we removed the old roof system we supplied and installed Procter breathable roof sarking and fastened with nails onto the roof rafters.

We supply and installed new Oregon slate batons fastening to roof rafters with nails in a graded spaced alignment from gutter level to top of ridge so that slates can be fastened to the batons.

The new Welsh Slates are installed with overlapping head laps from gutter level to seal each slate course as they are installed from the roof to the ridge line. Slates are fixed to copper slate nails with two slates per slate fixed in batons.

Then Architectural Roofing Services installed a new guttering system to the slate roof in a half-round design including new down pipes for rainwater discharge to the ground level.

Further repair metal roofing at the rear of the house to stop the water from entering the house with new metal flashing on the sealing roof.

Once all the slate roofing has been installed, we then  installed a new ridge level flashing lead in 25kg / m2 lead with lapped joints finished with patination oil.

A master slate roofers in Sydney with over 30 years of experience in slate roofing we assure to do a job well done.

Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver  quality roofing projects across New South Wales.

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