Woollahra Project

Architectural Leadwork was chosen by private owners of this magnificent property in Woollahra NSW to carry out heritage roof restorations works to repair and replace box gutters, chimney flashings, copper gutters, lower skylights, lead, slate and shingles works.
The heritage property required in-depth detailed restoration in order to make roof watertight in accordance with heritage principle of works. The choice of materials such as lead was used due to its nature to withstand any atmospheric conditions and life expectancy of over 80 years.

Architectural Leadwork worked closely with the property owners to meet every expectation from initial to final stages of the project.

Due to the nature of detailed heritage roof restoration, our experienced master roofers repaired old metal box gutters in the 40kg lead to channel water through to the new gutter. Further, cut brick wall to install new cast iron gutter to direct rainwater back to downpipes.
Moreover, both skylights of the property were replaced with Velux windows and repaired neighbouring slates to eliminate water entry. The project also involved fixing previous poor workmanship and sagging copper gutters to align gutters for better water flow.

After completion of works, a property owner ran a final thorough inspection with the Director of Architectural Leadwork to check repair and replacement works of the roof to see all works were completed competently. Moreso, as an experienced roofer Archietctural Leadwork was assigned to the roof to find problems and highly sought solutions to increase the life expectancy of the client’s roof.

Today, with exceptional high quality workmanship, Architectural Leadwork enjoys word of mouth referrals.