Cast Iron Products in Australia

Architectural Roofing Services, is Australia’s leading quality supplier and manufacturer of cast iron products. Architectural Roofing Services supplies heritage cast iron products to the Australian marketplace.

Our products are suitable for new build, replacement, restoration, and conservation projects. Cast iron products include rainwater pipes, rain heads, and gutters, soil, and drainage systems.

One of the oldest known and remaining use of cast iron pipes date from the 17th century and were installed to distribute water throughout the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles. These amount to some 35km of a pipe which was typically 1m lengths with flanged joints. The extreme age of these pipes makes them of considerable historical value. The flanged joints of cast iron drainpipe were sealed with oakum and molten-lead joints. Following an extensive refurbishment in 2008, 80% remain original.

Cast iron is a popular choice for rainwater and drainage systems as it offers many benefits which include:

  • Strength and durability – Cast iron is able to withstand the rigours of on-site handling, mechanical de-blocking, and vandalism.
  • Long-life – When installed correctly cast iron drainage systems will last the life of a building, whether domestic, public, industrial, or commercial.
  • Low Maintenance – Cast iron requires little ongoing maintenance, and although annual inspections are recommended, remedial action is rarely required.
  • Design capability – Cast iron can meet the needs of restoration, refurbishment, conservation, and heritage work as well as new homes.
  • Sustainability – In addition to lasting the life of a building and requiring minimal maintenance cast iron is 100% recyclable.
  • Cost-effective Owing to its longevity, low maintenance, fire resistance, and low noise operation the cost benefits of cast iron are significant.

Our cast iron pipes, gutters, and fittings come in a variety of colors and designs, with ornamental finishes that add to the aesthetic appeal. We are also able to supply sundry items such as Gutter Bolt, Nut & Washers, Silicone Sealant, Gutter Fixing Screws, Bracket Screws, and Touch Up Paint. Our cast iron range in Sydney also includes ancillary products such as bench seats, bollards, and tree protection grates.

Architectural Roofing Services carries a legacy in supplying the best-cast iron products across Australia.

Please click here to view a sample of photographs of our cast iron park benches.

We are able to offer information and advice to suit your specific requirements. For further information on any of our Cast Iron Products in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, contact us today for a quotation or call us on 02 9550 0498.