• Why Lead Roofing?

    There are many reasons that lead has been and continues to be a popular choice for roofing. Lead is malleable and therefore ideal for a range of building
    applications, yet also impressively resilient and long lasting.

    With proper maintenance, lead roofing can remain in excellent condition for up to 100 years or more. Lead Roofing is also easily and effectively recyclable, as it retains its original qualities when reused. Add to this the fact that lead provides a unique and beautiful finish to any project, and it’s easy to see why lead has been used in some of the world’s most beautiful and enduring buildings.

  • How safe is lead sheeting for use in roofing?

    Independent research from the European Lead Sheet Industry Association has found that lead sheet poses no risk to the environment or people, including those who safely handle it every day.

  • What types of buildings and construction are best suited to lead?

    Our lead sheet is suitable for pitched and flat roofing, gutters, flashings, parapets and lead detail work in new and historical buildings. Lead is used in residential and historical restorations as well as more contemporary and commercial applications.

    The Queen Victoria Building, Sydney University and Sydney’s Central railway station all include leadwork as part of their construction.

  • Where can I find further information about leadwork?

    For general lead roofing information or to discuss your next project, contact the team at Architectural Roofing Services today.