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A trusted and reliable slate roofing company, Architectural Roofing Services serves commercial heritage and residential customers throughout Sydney NSW.

Known for our heritage roofing expertise, we have over 30 years ‘ experience in providing high-quality roofing solutions in Sydney.

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Slate Roofing Sydney

A slate roof is a true depiction of elegance and simplicity. Slate comes from nature, which is an infinite source of  elegance and inspiration.  The results are striking from afar, and even more fascinating in person, when slate roofing is a viable choice.

Slate used as a roofing material dates back to around 1287 and is predominantly used in castles and churches in Europe. Slate roofing is one of the beautiful roofing materials and valued features a home can have in today’s realtor market.

We ensure to use the best quality premium slates such as Welsh Penrhyn, Canadian Glendyne and Spanish Pizarras. A new slate roof lifespan of 80-100 years is typical, although it can last longer if well maintained.

A slate is a thin , flat and square / rectangular stone slab that overlaps to another slate to ensure that the roof is watertight and that it stays watertight for many years to come.

Why choose slate tiles for your property? 

Slate roof is environmentally friendly: Slate tiles can last for decades, the chances of landfill overflows are minimised. In addition, slate roof tiles have minimal adverse environmental impacts.

Slate roof is waterproof, fireproof, heat and acid-resistant: A slate tile is commonly used in commercial however is becoming increasingly popular with residential properties.

Installing slate tiles minimizes the risk of mishaps and incidents in times of fire, short circuits, etc. In addition, slate tiles also reduce the risk of accidental sparks in kitchens.

Slate roof tile is durable: Slate tile is of natural stone and very durable. In contrast to other roofing materials which are highly susceptible to weather events, slate is relatively unaffected by extreme weather, including high winds, high temperatures, or even hail. A well maintained slate roof can last 100 years.

Slate roof tile is elegant: A slate roof’s beauty unparalleled when it comes to elegance and simplicity.  Slate roof tiles come in various colors, patterns, and thickness and size.  A slate roof is low maintenance which is far more economical then other roofing materials. A slate roof gives a natural finish and variety of grains to add depth to color and texture.

Our commitment to you!!

Kevin Allan, Director of Architectural Roofing Services,  has been in the heritage slate  roofing industry for over 30 years. Trained by accomplished craftsmen whose skills were passed down from generation to generation, Kevin takes pride in his work and in hiring a team of expert and experienced tradesmen. Our passion for the industry and expertise is clearly evident in every job we work on.

We are so confident in the quality of our work and the materials we use that we provide a 20-year warranty on all new slate roof projects. We don’t leave a stone unturned as we survey the work that needs to be done. We aim to be competitive in the market and it’s, therefore, no wonder we are one of the most highly sought after metal, lead, slate and copper roofing Sydney, NSW.

We work and understand roof components and materials which allows us to undertake a wide range of heritage metal, slate, and copper/zinc, as well as lead roof restoration projects in Sydney NSW.

We would be pleased to undertake a free no-obligation quotation. Simply complete the details in the Contact Us section of the site or send us an email at or give a call on 0416 243 396 or 02 9550 0498.