Lead Flashing Rolls Supplier in Australia


Architectural Leadwork Pty Ltd is leading supplier of lead products. Our lead flashing sheet is produced to EN Code Weights and has British Standard BS EN certification (conforms to AS 1804 – 1976).

We have been supplying and working with lead for over 25 years. Architectural Leadwork supplies a wide variety of lead products all across Australia’s diverse building and construction industry and heritage roofing market.

Lead sheet life span is over 80 years and is predominantly used as a weatherproofing material in the building industry due to lead’s high resistance to corrosion. Lead pleasing grey color appeals to architects, builders, and engineers due to ease of installations, versatility and durability. Our lead sheet is suitable for all building applications, including flat and pitched roofing, flashings, gutters, parapets and all other lead detail work.

Why Choose Lead?

  1. Lead adds value to your investment and correctly installed lead will last a life time.
  2. Lead is environmental friendly as it produces lowest carbon footprint and it is 100% recyclable.
  3. Lead is easy with work due to its malleability, and can withstand any atmospheric and chemical corrosion.

Architectural Leadwork supply lead rolls as thin as 0.44mm (Code 1) and as thick as 3.55mm (Code 8) in all standard flashing widths and lengths, as shown on our weight chart (Link to Lead Flashing weight chart).

Architectural Leadwork can produce special sizes of lead sheet if required, and can assist with unique casting requests. Architectural Leadwork also provides fabrication services to roof contactors in making back gutters of chimneys and lead slate penetrations with specialist lead welding.

Our dedicated team will manage your order throughout each stage of the process, ensuring quality standards and delivery deadlines are met in full. Architectural Leadwork can deliver, arrange a courier, or alternately we will work with your courier provider to arrange delivery. For further information on the lead flashing products we have available please contact us today for a quotation.

Please refer to the Leadwork Ancillary Products section.

Lead Flashing weight chart.