Heritage cast iron installation

Architectural Leadwork continues to lead and provide high quality workmanship in carrying out heritage conservation projects across Sydney, Australia. Recently, Architectural Leadwork worked along with well-renowned contractor at historic Central Train Station – Grand Concourse in NSW installing cast iron downpipes, rainheads and brackets. The heritage conservation project involved replacing existing downpipe at Central Train Station first affixed during 1905. The original cast iron downpipes and rainheads were manufactured by Saracen Foundry in Scotland, Glasgow and shipped to Australia in 1905.

Architectural Leadwork as a successful tenderer manufactured, supplied and installed like for like quality cast iron downpipes, rainheads and brackets at Central Train Station – Grand Concourse. Due to the historic merit of the heritage site, it took Leadwork 7 months to complete all the scope of works.

All the new cast iron downpipes, rainheads and brackets installed at Central Train Station – Grand Concourse were manufactured in Sydney NSW and inspected by Sydney Trains project manager to ensure to have achieved like for like detail of the existing downpipes.

The brief scope of works;

  1. Remove all existing downpipes and rainheads from walls.
  2. Manufacture like for like and supply new cast iron downpipes, rainheads and brackets.
  3. Install eared collar pipes with fixings.
  4. Allow sandblasting all existing sections cast iron pipes back to the original metal.
  5. Paint all new cast iron with a primer coat, undercoat and gloss finish.
  6. Install all new pipes, rain heads and brackets.

Upon completion of heritage conservation works and final site inspection with the Sydney Trains, Architectural Leadwork was provided final completion approval for achieving quality project result and for service excellence.

With every project on hand, we aim to deliver a project on time. Architectural Leadwork continues to grow through its quality work, service reliability and integrity considering safety is paramount for all involved and above all.