Heritage Metal Roofing Blandford NSW

Heritage Metal Roofing Blandford NSW

Architectural Roofing Services, a trusted heritage roofing company, successfully completed a residential heritage metal roof Blandford NSW restoration project. 

 The family-owned heritage home underwent a substantial renovation, with major repairs to heritage roofing using traditional galvanized sheeting, flashings and box gutters  chosen for its long life and elegance.

The quality and the elegance of the metal roof is nothing short of breathtaking. We stand for providing the best workmanship and our quality and service area is unmatched in heritage roofing.



We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. All roofing projects and roof repairs and restoration undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services are professional, high quality and so far have truly stood the test of the time.

Roof Issue

Architectural Roofing Services a preferred contractor to repair a heritage house, which had critical flaws around the chimneys, box gutters, and roof flashings.

We thoroughly assessed the poor workmanship and approved the repair of all box gutters with silicone joints that had failed, as well as all chimney flashings that had been improperly constructed.

Using inexperienced roof plumbers with no heritage experience to install heritage metal flashings with solder joints, allowing water to penetrate the home’s box gutters and chimney flashings.

Scope Of Work 

  • Due to poor workmanship, the heritage box gutter had to be replaced immediately.


  • Allow for the replacement of all silicone-jointed box gutters that had failed, as well as all chimney flashings that had been improperly installed.


  • All existing galvanised sheeting was completely removed, and a new galvanised metal box gutter with sump box soldered to heritage roofing standards was installed in its place. The new sump box was installed to help water flow distribution into the down pipe, this created better flow rates of storm water. 


  • To seal the internal box gutter, all new galvanised metal sheeting was soldered with correct flashings. After that, new vertical gladding was installed, and the existing external gutters were reinstalled in their original positions.


  • All of the heritage chimney flashings were replaced with silicone joints due to poor workmanship, as all of the chimneys were leaking. Again, extremely poor workmanship had exacerbated the problem. Each chimney required new galvanised metal flashings with heritage soldered joints, which were replaced on all chimneys and fixed into the brickwork.


  • Around each chimney, new galvanised corrugated metal roof sheeting was installed and secured with hex head screws.


  • New galvanised heritage flashings were installed to all step flashing details into brick walls with heritage design to stop water entry due to extremely poor workmanship with flashings stuck to walls with silicone. Each brick joint needed to be cut and new heritage flashings installed to all step flashing details into brick walls with heritage design.


  • Roof flashings junctions to corrugated metal roofing were repaired with new galvanised flashings, and the old ones were removed because they were failing.


  • To distribute water to downpipes, new galvanised gutters were installed along the veranda fascia. New metal down pipes were installed from gutters and connected to storm water services by Architectural Roofing Services.


Another Well Done Project And Extremely Satisfied Client. 

Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver quality roofing projects across New South Wales. A trusted and reliable metal roofing in Sydney with over 30 years of experience in heritage roofing we assure to do a job well done.

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