Leadwork Roofing Australian Museum

Architectural Roofing Services with extensive  over 30 years of experience undertook heritage leadwork roofing at  Australian Museum, Sydney.
Our roofing projects are carried out with thorough detail in mind  and we are proudly Australia’s leading roofing company because we do not compromise on quality and safety and service area is unrivalled.


All our leadwork roofing projects so far have truly stood the test of the time.We deliver a quality project on time and within budget. 


Heritage Leadwork Roofing Restoration

at Australian Museum 

Scope of Works
With All Lead Roofing Sydney project, Architectural Roofing Services uses premium grade 99.9% Lead material for all our roofing projects supplied by Midland Lead Australia.
  • Why Leadwork Roofing? A leadwork roofing  is durable, 100% recyclable and it typically lasts over 100 years. Lead is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product too. A leadwork roof is stylish and practical and is a long term solution.
  • Supply and install 30kg/m2 of lead sheets for the heritage site. In order to undertake specialized heritage roofing work, we installed copper sheeting in 0.6 mm and installed it on the front edge of the stone to provide a detailed drip groove for the lead sheeting.
  • Lead sheeting  installed in 1 m sections, allowing expansion and contraction along a stone cornice with welded, locked joints. A 30kg lead sheet fabricated by experienced leadworker and turned down over front copper sheeting to form a straight edge in locked joints.
  • The lead sheeting  installed into stone joint of heritage building and secured with lead wedges driven into the stonework. Once  lead sheeting is shaped over the front and tucked under copper clips will give the lead a lifetime of free maintenance and protect the heritage roof for decades to come.
  • Once the lead has been installed and shaped over the stonework, an elastomeric joint with the back rod is installed to seal the stone lead joint, giving the lead a protective shine.  


  • A coat of patination oil was applied to newly installed leadwork to give a protective shine to the lead sheet and to leave the building looking good again.
Leadwork Roofing is the most durable and environmentally friendly metal to be used in your home or heritage building, as it will be value for money over a lifetime and enhance the the look of any home or building and protect against water entry for decades to come. 


Architectural Roofing Services is proud to deliver quality heritage leadwork roofing restoration projects across New South Wales.

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