The residential roof repair – St Ives

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Residential roofing project

Architectural Roofing Services, a head contractor, undertook roof repair works involving roof component of copper roofing and leadworks at a residential address at St Ive's, NSW 2075 

We deliver quality project on time and within budget. All roofing works undertaken by Architectural Roofing Services so far have truly stood the test of the time. 

The service area of work: Lead flashings, copper guttering, leaf guard, copper downpipes, lead chimney flashings, tile roofing and roof repairs.  

 Scope of work 

Architectural Roofing Services undertook a major residential roofing project after attending to a scheduled site inspection of the residential property at St Ives, NSW. 
Not only did we deliver a quality project as a head contractor, we project managed the whole project. We have expertise, resources and capability to run major and minor projects be it commercial roofing and residential roofing projects. 

The work involved removing existing poorly installed lead flashings from tile roofs and cutting walls to install new 20kg/m2 lead sheet correctly for the best seal. 
Installed lead flashings in 1.5m sections and lead weld corners and junctions. Some walls required 20kg/m2 lead cover flashings onto lead apron flashings and sealed to wall.

We replaced chimney lead flashings due to water leaks and undertook roof repair works installing new 25kg/m2 lead sheet and shaped lead around roof tiles to deliver quality results. 

Hence, enlarged copper downpipes from 75mm to 100mm in new copper round downpipes from the main roof to ground level and soldered joints. Installed extra copper downpipes and copper gutter to discharge large volumes of stormwater from the main roof to ground level.

Further work involved undertaking roof repairs installing the new copper roof to front veranda door entry in the standing seam with new flashing. The copper roof was installed in folded panels interlocked together and fixed with stainless steel clips. Copper sheeting was turned up at the wall in dog ear style. And installing 20kg/m2 new lead flashings to a brick wall and over a copper sheet to seal the roof.

The new copper gutter was installed around a door entry roof and traditionally soldered with new outlets and connected to existing copper downpipes. Finally, leaf guard was installed into the copper gutter and fixed to stop blockages in roof gutters.

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