Copper Roofing

The beauty of copper roof and copper gutter is unmatched. Property owners and builders have many critical decisions and choices to make when it comes to renovation, construction and repair or replacement of copper roofing. Whether on a residential or commercial building structure, copper adds an element of elegance, sophistication and prestige that is widely admired.

Today, copper roofing and copper gutter have surged to mark its own beauty and popularity due to the fact it is a relatively light metal to work with compared to steel. Copper is malleable, it is easy to work with and ability to form complex shapes making custom jobs much easier. Copper is also a very low maintenance metal due to the fact it resist corrosions and overtime develops its own unique appearance. Therefore, for such reasons, there’s no coating required to protect the surface of copper, as you would require for steel.

Copper roofing is so much lighter than steel as it puts less stress on the frame of the structure and has an ability to endure more weight upon it, such as you might have after a heavy rainfall. The downside of softness of copper is that it is vulnerable to scratching and denting from extreme weather conditions.

Nonetheless, it is fair to say copper is expensive choice of metal than steel and as a result it is more often used on commercial heritage building structures.

If you’re in need of copper roof repairs or replacement in Sydney or Australia-wide, or are commencing a new build, then Architectural Leadwork have the expertise and solid experience to help you choose the right solution for safety, strength, durability and overall performance.

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