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Metal roof repair and restoration

Architectural Roofing Services undertook a heritage roof restoration works at Gladesville hospital, Sydney NSW; the works included undertaking heritage roof repair and restoration to metal, slate, lead  roofing and installation of copper gutters with new copper downpipes.

The service area of work: Lead roofing, metal roof repair, lead flashing works, copper downpipes, lead chimney flashings, tile roofing and slate roofing Sydney.

Scope of work

The works included removing existing roof sheets, old lead flashings from the stone wall and providing new chase for lead flashing entry and correctly installing timber batons for the new roof.

New corrugated metal roof sheeting was installed along verandas from the existing valley to new corners intersection, fixed with slotted galvanized screws and lead washers. New 30kg/m2 lead flashings were installed into the stone chase and fixed with lead wedges. Lead cover flashings were then dressed and shaped into metal roofing corrugations and lead clips were installed on every joint. Lead flashings were then sealed with elastomeric joint sealant to the stone wall.

Additionally, new lead flashings were installed to hip junction in wood roll detail providing adhering to  heritage roofing detail. The 30kg/m2 lead flashing was shaped over timber wood roll and installed in 1.5m sections with lead clips to stop wind lift.

Architectural Roofing Services, installed new copper ogee gutters along veranda with soldered joints and external copper gutter brackets fixed with brass nuts and washers. Copper gutters hand fabricated at corners and soldered to heritage roofing details. Copper gutter expansion joints were installed to allow copper gutters to expand and contract in hot or cold temperatures.

The other works included installing new 100mm copper downpipes from the gutter to discharge above new drain grates. Copper downpipes were handcrafted offsets with soldered joints and fixed with copper brackets.

Architectural Roofing Services installed new welsh slates to veranda roof detail to make heritage roof watertight with new metal roofing sheets. New lead flashing was installed onto metal roof sheeting then slate roofing replaced to provide a correct watertight professional job.

On completion of patination oil was applied to newly installed leadwork roofing. Architectural Roofing Services uses premium grade lead flashing supplied by Midland Lead Australia. 

We work and understand roof components and materials which allows us to undertake a wide range of heritage metalslate, and copper/zinc, as well as lead roof restoration projects in Sydney NSW.

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