Choosing the Right Roofing Company

Most Sydney homeowners don’t really think much about their roofs. As it’s usually sunny here, with an even spread of rainfall throughout the year, roof deterioration often goes unnoticed until the roof starts to leak during heavy rain, or when winter conditions make it go from bad to worse.

That’s the time when homeowners would go panic searching for contractors offering roof repairs, restoration and maintenance, then pick the one with the lowest quote without really thinking about their choice. Unfortunately, not all contractors are equipped with extensive experience especially when it comes to heritage roofs.

1. Ask for references

A company with extensive experience will be able to provide a list of satisfied clients. As such, they should be able to provide photos of their past projects as well. The number of years a contractor has been in the business should be able to prove his stability and expertise in the industry. These are important elements to consider especially if you have a heritage property. Most of these old structures have slate roofing and would require the expertise of highly experienced tradesmen.

2. Check their guarantee

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The company should be able to give a guarantee on their craftsmanship and materials to ensure that the services provided meet or surpass your standards. Most would offer warranties for twelve months after completion. Here at Architectural Leadwork, we provide a 20 year guarantee on our work and the materials we use. Established businesses like us use only skilled craftsmen to work on your roofs. All the materials we use for lead, slate and metal roofing are sourced from reliable suppliers and are top quality as well.

3. Beware of the lowest quote

There are too many instances when homeowners would instantly choose the contractors with the lowest quote. Some of those low-priced quotes might not include flashing replacement, which is an absolute must if you are re-roofing. Worse, some of them might only attempt to apply sealant. You’ll soon be calling them to report leaks. You should also avoid contractors who are asking for more than one-third of the quote they gave you.

In conclusion, never let the price of the project be the reason why you turned down the proposal or accepted it. Anyone can fix a roof, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. At Architectural Leadwork, you’re guaranteed first-class workmanship with master tradesmen who have over 25 years of hands-on experience on all kinds of roofing.

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