Unskilled Handyman Roofers and Award Winning Claim within the Roofing Sector

More than often, Architectural Leadwork are awarded contracts to undertake roof plumbing repair and restoration works either be it for commercial or residential properties.

The surge of an unskilled handyman in the heritage roof plumbing sector is growing at a rapid rate in Sydney, NSW. Such is a worrying concern to property owners who spend their savings seeking assurance that all works undertaken will last for a long time rather with a temporary silicone based solution.

The other issue on the rise and to know of in heritage roofing sector are many roofing companies are claiming to be “AWARD WINNING”. Such a misleading advertisement is only classified as an “untrue and unjust claim”. There is no presence of a governing body or private organisation monitoring high-quality standard work in the heritage roof plumbing sector to provide awards.

Architectural Leadwork proclaims not to lead client base by implying falsifying claim “AWARD WINNING” because of no presence of the regulatory governing body or private organisation’s monitoring quality work of heritage roofing plumbing sector in Australia.

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Poor workmanship leads to construction defects.  The following is an example of such poor unskilled handyman allowed on the roof to undertake metal roof restoration works.  Regularly, clients contract Architectural Leadwork to rectify such issues, which end up costing clients more twice as much.

A helpful guide in determining the suitable contractor to undertake roof works;

In New South Wales, a roof plumbing contractor works under the Department of Fair Trading, and we are to provide a contractor licence when requested by the client. Let’s face it when you are a homeowner every job is a priority that should give you peace of mind.

1. First, check for roof contractor licence issued by Fair Trading in NSW.

2. A roofing contractor should be a registered business and must provide an ABN number.

3. A roofing contractor should provide Public Liability and Workers’ Comp insurances before the commencement of all scope of works.

4. A roofing contractor is well established and has a substantial amount of experience.

5. Ask your roofing contractor for past job references and visit their company webpage.

6. Request for a written quote after they have inspected your roof and read for allowances and non-allowances in the quote provided by the contractor.

7. Ask and check with your contractor if they will provide a written warranty per scope of work undertaken.

8. Professional roof company do not have a door-to-door salesman or handyman thus, it is always imperative to inquire for their permanent landline number, contractor licence before assigning works.

9. Remember the old saying “BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE”.

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