Crucial Questions to Ask Your Roof Restoration Contractor

How much does it cost?

Every time we inquire about a service or make a purchase, we ask this crucial question to know if we’ve found the best deal, or if the service or product fits our budget.

Asking this question is practical since customers want to know if the product or service is worth its price. But when it comes to roof restoration in Sydney or anywhere else, it takes more than just asking this question to find the right contractor for the job. You also need to ask these three crucial questions to know what to expect from a roof repair specialist.

Worker At Roofing Works

Question 1: What type of roofing services do you handle?

Good roof restoration specialists are professionals who are qualified to handle all roofing needs, from slate roofing repair and installation, to plumbing and even lead supply. They should be able to answer any questions that you may have about your roof, and offer excellent roofing craftsmanship that exceeds expectations. Here at Architectural Leadwork, our expert tradesmen are highly experienced in various types of roofing jobs, including repair and installation of heritage roofs as well as slate and metal roofing in Sydney.

Question 2: Are your tradesmen licensed and expertly trained to do all types of roofing services?

The contractors should be properly licensed and highly experienced in roof repair and installation. They should be seasoned professionals and expert craftsmen who are trained to assess the building and check ceilings and surfaces. Architectural Leadwork’s master tradesmen have 25 years of experience in roof repair and restoration services. Our tradesmen are trained by experts to ensure that the roof repair and installation service we provide is not only top quality, but will also pass the Australian safety standard.

Question 3: Do you conduct a roof inspection before quoting and installation?

A reputable roofing specialist exhibits quality workmanship. Here at Architectural Leadwork, we are committed to delivering excellent workmanship; that is why we ensure that the building is properly inspected first in order to identify what is needed to construct, repair, redesign or clean your roof.

Roof restoration and repair can be a challenging undertaking, so make sure that the project is in the hands of a reputable contractor. Asking these crucial questions will help you learn if a roof restoration specialist is capable of delivering efficient service and a top quality result.

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