Guide to choosing a right roofing contractor

A roof is one of the biggest investment that a homeowner makes in their lifetime. Arguably the easiest way to evaluate the quality of a roofing contractor’s work is to look at his past jobs.

  1. First check for roofing licenses issued by Fair Trading in NSW.
  2. A roofing contractor should be a registered business.
  3. A roofing contractor should provide Public and Product’s and Workers Comp insurances.
  4. A roofing contractor is well established in your own community.
  5. Ask your roofing contractor for previous job references and visit their company’s webpage.
  6. Request for a written quote after they have inspected your roof and read thoroughly for allowances and non-allowances.
  7. Ask and check if they provide a written warranty based on scope of works carried provided.

In some cases, roofing contractor may not be able to provide an accurate quote until old roof is removed. Once old roof is removed, only than it is evident for client (to be thoroughly informed) and contractor (to assess) for any repairs or structural work is required on the roof.

Once all involved parties are informed and variation quote signed and accepted than only a contractor will engage in extra works should your roof structure requires repair or structural work.


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