The Benefits of Copper Roofing

Copper accents have taken pride of place in many a stylish home in recent years, but copper doesn’t just look the part. Copper is far more than an attractive adornment, especially when it comes to your home’s exterior. Copper roofing is a reliable and durable material that is once more, deservedly, rising in popularity.

Copper throughout architectural history

Copper has been used in architecture since ancient times. It was incorporated into classic Egyptian temples, soaring European cathedrals and serene Asian temples. It’s been employed by internationally-renowned architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano and Frank Gehry. And perhaps the world’s most famous large-scale sculpture, the Statue of Liberty, owes its distinctive colour to its copper exterior.

As this article from Architectural Digest notes, copper is also finding its way into a slew of eye-catching contemporary buildings.

Why choose copper

The sustained use of copper in architecture can be put down to a few reasons. Most significantly (for many of our clients), a copper roof is sturdy and durable, with the potential to last for well over 100 years. Copper is a natural and safe material. It tends to be recycled and reused rather than discarded, making it more environmentally friendly than a number of modern options. And aesthetics is obviously another factor. Copper ages beautifully and will develop a stunning patina over a number of years, which depending on the climate, may result in a blue or green tinge or see it deepen to a rich, rust brown.

Where can I use it?

Copper has a wide variety of uses, so it’s not solely for roofs. You might also consider introducing copper into gutters, downpipes or window trays. Or think about using it as a statement material. Copper doors were found in such diverse architectural feats as Florence Cathedral and The Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt. And these days, copper-clad walls are just one option if you’re looking to make an architectural statement, either at home, or commercially.

And how we can help

We are a professional roofing and plumbing company that specialises in heritage restoration in Sydney. Having successfully worked on projects ranging from private residences to major National Trust classified architecture (our director has also worked on historic Scottish castles), we have the experience and expertise to restore your current copper roof, or provide you with a new one that best suits your property. If you’re interested in using copper, lead or other heritage materials in your home, or commercial project, we’d be happy to offer advice and further information.

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