Top Five Reasons Why Roof Restoration Should Be Left to Experts

Because roofs of Sydney homes and commercial establishments are constantly exposed to harsh elements and unforeseen circumstances (such as falling tree branches), it’s common to see cracks and other signs of damage on them. It’s also common for most home and business owners to take the DIY route when it comes to repairing these roofs, as this often means lesser costs. However, roof restoration and repairs are not like your run-of-the-mill leaky faucet repair. They’re jobs best left to specialists for the following reasons:

Roof Restoration

1. Leaks are hard to figure out

You might have found the “hole” and patched it up with roofing cement, but most leakage problems go deeper than that. It could be as complicated as loose flashings that have separated from the surface, and instead of protecting your interiors from leaks, has become the main cause.

It could also be shingles that were damaged or have curled back. Professionals know how to spot the causes of a leaking roof quickly and will work on the problem as soon as they can to prevent further damage to the interior of the house. They offer precise, effective solutions, not temporary fixes. They don’t just patch up holes, often they have to replace or repair damaged parts to keep the leak from coming back.

2. DIY can be the cause of a serious injury

We’ve heard of so many horror stories wherein property owners attempt to do their own metal roof repairs and fell to the ground, resulting in serious injuries. Highly trained roofing specialists know how to do the job efficiently and are experienced at working at such heights. Even if they’re faced with the challenge of complex repair issues, they can finish the tasks without accident and far more quickly than other handymen who are not roofing specialists.

3. Older roofs have asbestos

You may be looking at your old heritage house and admiring the slate roofing. But be careful, that may not be slate at all. Asbestos was used as part of the covering materials from the 1920s until the late 1970s because they were highly durable and had a lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with them if they’re well cared for. However, when they start to disintegrate, that’s when the fibres become a health hazard. Improperly repaired, damaged and worn out asbestos roofs are dangerous to your health and have to be replaced immediately. Experts can better handle the situation and give you advice on the best course of action.

4. Slate tiles are best handled by expert hands

If you have a heritage property, you probably have an expensive and attractive slate roof covering your abode. These materials are known to be highly durable, lasting more than 50 years. Because of this, many people would think that they’re not easily broken, but in fact, they are vulnerable to foot traffic and falling tree branches. One of the many mistakes a DIY enthusiast can make is stepping on these tiles with their full weight. Leave the repair and replacement tasks to someone who knows these materials well.

5. It’s more affordable in the long run

People usually have this notion that hiring a specialist to take care of roofing issues is expensive. But it’s only pricey if you don’t get what you pay for. That’s not always the case though. Here at Architectural Leadwork for example, we’re committed to high quality service and source only the finest materials. You may be spending for your lead roof restoration today, but it’s going to last for several years. Expertly-handled restoration and repairs do not need follow up visits, unless it’s a complex job.

In conclusion, when it comes to roofing concerns, the best way to handle them is to call specialists first. Have you ever encountered a roofing problem that needed the assistance of experts? If so, how did it go? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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